Our Mission

My Health Chiro is a wellness driven chiropractic practice. Our passion is providing the safest, most effective and highest quality, evidence based care to families, individuals and athletes.

Our mission is to educate and inspire families, individuals and athletes in the Maribyrnong, Maidstone, Footscray, Aberfeldie, Essendon and Ascot Vale area to pursue healthier and happier lives. We know that you are the most important person when it comes to your health so we tailor a program to suit you!

Our Approach

We are all different. We all have individual talents, expertise’s, experiences and goals. We are not designed with a cookie cutter. Why should our healthcare experience be any different?

At our office, the most important person is you! At My Health Chiro our main focus is helping you achieve YOUR goals, not anyone else’s.

Our approach from the start to the end is to help you understand what is going on with your body and how to get to the health goals you are after. Our goal is to;

Help make sense of your complaint and symptoms

Explain what it going on in plain English and without all the complicated medical terms

Identify your individual expectations

Provide the most professional, effective and up to date treatment

Help you get from where you are to where you want to be

Our Techniques

At our office we believe that each individual has their unique spine which requires their own unique approach.

Our Chiropractors are well skilled, experienced and are constantly learning to provide the most up to date and safest, gentle and most effective form of Chiropractic treatment.

Our Chiropractors use objective and scientific methods to assess the function and condition of your spine. They are also well versed in several adjustment techniques to ensure maximum comfort as well as flexibility for each person.

Our techniques include:

Sacro-Occipital technique (SOT): This technique is focused on assessing the function of the spine in its entirety. Focusing on how the brain and body communicates through the spinal column itself. This technique utilises gentle low force adjustments using blocks, cranial therapy as well as visceral (organ) applications. This is a popular approach for people with chronic pelvic issues, pregnancy, kids, headaches and chronic ears, nose and throat issues or even digestive issues.

Diversified Technique: This is your most common technique associated with chiropractors. Here we use our hands to precisely restore movement to spinal joints and stimulate nerves. With this technique you get those “clicks and pops” that most people look forward to. Don’t worry those noises are just gasses being released between those joints, nothing nasty here.

Activator Technique: Ever heard of a friend describe their chiropractor using a little clicker on their spine? Well this is it. This gentle low force technique uses an instrument to specifically and accurately stimulate spinal nerves and restores motion back to joints without the “popping and clicking”. This technique works well with everyone from nan and pop, mum to bub, as well as extremities.

Thompson Technique: With this technique we use our specially designed, purpose built tables. Different sections of the table pop up and drop down to help restore motion back to the spine. This is another low force technique that is comfortable and effective for everyone. Especially those poor posture complaints.

Neurological Rehabilitation: Our brains are complex. Subluxation impairs the function of the neurological pathway or nervous system in our brain and spinal cord. The purpose of neurological rehabilitation is to restore function to the essential pathways in our brain and spinal cord that help us function and keep us injury free. Neurological rehabilitation is vastly different to muscle rehabilitation, as our focus is the reason why your muscles aren’t working. We find the effects of this technique is long lasting and improves function more globally.

Our team


‘Seeing improvement in my mothers chronic lower back pain was my first memory of chiropractic. Years later I’d find myself studying chiropractic and finally seeing first hand how chiropractic care helps thousands of people daily across the country. Through chiropractic care, whilst in university, my chronic childhood onset migraines I had experienced, well into my early 20’s, finally had resolution. This fuelled the passion to help others achieve amazing results through chiropractic care. I believe chiropractic care is unique. It looks at health through the window of the nervous system. It begs us to look at our lifestyles and identify the real cause of dysfunction rather than merely treating symptoms. This is why I believe chiropractic care is such an important part of our healthcare landscape and why I love what I do.’

Dr Andre is the owner and principal chiropractor of My Health Chiro. He graduated from the prestigious RMIT College of Chiropractic. He completed his Bachelor of Complementary Medicine (Chiropractic) and Master of Clinical Chiropractic graduating with Distinction. Graduating in 2010, he’s worked with individuals, families, children, adolescents and everyone in between. Working with complex cases is a particular passion of his. Throughout the years his approach to healthcare reflects one of an holistic nature. Providing care that extends further than just the spinal care is what makes his treatment unique.

Dr Andre shares a particular interest in neurology, rehabilitation as well as biomechanics. He is passionate about educating the community and engages in regular community speaking engagements. His belief in helping the community has led to several contributions into the local community. He is an advocate of healthy living and receives regular chiropractic adjustments as well as constantly improving his fitness.

He is a member of the ACA (Australian Chiropractors Association), a certified SOT practitioner and is a member of SOTO Australia. He regularly attends seminars to continually upskill and maintain current up to date techniques to ensure the best possible treatment for his clients. His goal is to extend his study and educate up and coming chiropractors.





Dr Josh’s involvement with Chiropractic care started at a young age as a patient receiving treatment for Shin Splints and lower back pain. The relief he experienced, and the care given, was the inspirational moment that encouraged him to pursue a career in the health field. The more he progressed through his studies, the more he understood the positive effects Chiropractic care can have, not just physical health, but on emotional and mental wellbeing. This has driven his passion and enthusiasm to give the best care possible to anyone who walks in the door, and perhaps inspire another the way I was inspired.

Having previously studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, he has developed a passionate interest in sports and rehabilitation, particularly in utilizing a multi-modal approach to spinal and extremity treatment. Using exercises to compliment the treatment used in the clinic is an important and effective tool that anyone can use to improve their wellbeing.

He was fortunate enough to partake in a clinical program in Samoa where he was given the opportunity to travel to and treat the Samoan population. With a very limited health care system this proved challenging and enriching experience that exposed me to a wide range of body types and syndromes.

His passion for helping others in a sporting setting continued throughout his studies, working as the Head Sports Trainer at the Amateur Hawthorn Football Club. He has been working with the Club for five years and have worked extensively with three male/female football teams inclusive of a range of cultural backgrounds and sporting proficiencies. This opportunity has developed his clinical skills and provided invaluable experience with injury prevention and the important correlation between spinal health and performance’






Mikayla is one of the Chiropractic Assistants here at My Health Chiro. She has been a regular patient in Chiropractic care since she was little, and is passionate about helping other people receive the care and help that they need.

Outside of the office, Mikayla has a passion for the creative arts. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts at La Trobe, specialising in Theatre and Film. She has a love for music and loves sharing that and spending quality time with friends and family.



Jayde is one of our Chiropractic Assistants here at My Health Chiro. She visits a chiropractor herself and is quite passionate about everything that chiropractic has to offer. She has personally seen the way can help people and this is why she has chose to study chiropractic. Jayde is currently a chiropractic student at RMIT university and is looking forward to helping others when she graduates.

Outside of the office, Jayde enjoys listening to music, travelling and spending time with family and friends.


Helen is one of our Chiropractic Assistants here at My Health Chiro.She grew up personally seeing the positive effect chiropractic care had on family members and how it can greatly help people.
Helen is currently studying a Bachelor of science majoring in Psychology and she is passionate about holistic health. She is looking forward to providing care and helping others when she graduates.
Outside of the office Helen enjoys learning new pieces on the piano, cooking for friends/family, attending her acting classes and pilates.

Our Office

Our office is modern and inviting. We endeavor to make our office look and feel warm and friendly to all our patients and clients.
We also cater to the many families in the Maribyrnong, Essendon, Footscray, Maidstone and Aberfeldie area. We have a space for your children to stay occupied while you are getting adjusted and treated. We are also a disability friendly practice, with wheelchair access and suitable toilet facilities available.

Our office is located at on the Ground Level at 84 La Scala Avenue, Maribyrnong. We are located at the bottom of the apartment block, opposite from the big park that has the soccer goals on it.

The easiest way to find us is to either drive down Gordon St toward Highpoint Shopping Centre, and turn Right onto Lyric St. You will see the apartment block, where we are located, straight on. Alternatively, you can turn right at the Maribyrnong Aldi at Thomas Holmes Dr and take your first left onto La Scala Ave. It’s super easy to find us!

To find out more about our practice, why not watch a quick office tour video below?

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