What To Expect

Week 2 is when you will start to feel less pain and more movement. Remember your adjustments are speeding up the repair process. Without them your recovery will be slower.

So it’s important to stay consistent with your adjustments in this week and we will be helping to create a solid foundation for new tissue to form.

Inflammation and Stretching

Inflammation is indeed a good thing. We hate it because it causes pain but without it we wouldn’t have repair.

Check out this blog I wrote explaining it in more detail. https://www.myhealthchiro.com.au/why-your-body-needs-inflammation/

In the early parts of your care, our main goal is to promote repair to damaged tissues. The main reason for pain is unresolved tissue damage. Remember damaged tissues result in unstable joints which leads to recurrent strains and sprains. Which ultimately causes reoccurring pain and symptoms.

Your adjustments are the most effective therapy to speed up repair as well as protect the area from reinjury.

A study looking into sprains found that it was better to move a joint in it’s pain limits rather than R.I.C.E which is what we normally have been taught to do. By keep the joint mobile, it not only helped to speed up recovery times by up to 2-3days but also resulted in longer term stability.

This is exactly what your adjustments are designed to do to your spinal and extremity joints.

In these early weeks, its important to remember to keep up good mobility practices/habits. Walk at least 30min a day. Regularly stretch the area we are working on using the specific mobility exercises prescribed. The more you can keep the area mobile, the faster you will recover.

So, while we are progressing through this stage of care, remember the pain will reduce and you will recover faster in the coming weeks.

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