What To Expect

Week 3 is the halfway point. Here pain is decreasing and you should be getting longer periods where there either is no pain or reduced pain. Range of movement is improving here.

Like last week, it’s important to keep up the stretches on a daily basis.

This week we are going to be covering the Law of Entropy as well as what you should be doing to help your body and adjustments.

The Law Of Entropy

The law of entropy is the 2nd thermodynamic law. In laymen’s terms, it essentially means everything in is in a state of decay if left unattended. Meaning that if you leave an apple out in the sun, it’ll rot. Leave metal out in the elements, it will rust.

The same concept can be applied to our health and our habits. If our habits result in an accelerated amount of damage in relation to the our health, then it can be said that unhealthy habits cause us to decay faster. Simple concept but I think we can take a lesson out of this.

Consider that the definition of aging is consuming the finite amount of cellular replications. Meaning that our cells have a predefined amount of times it can be replicated or duplicated. Once it has expired that number, that cell seizes to function normally. If our lifestyle and habits accelerate the rate of damage, then the rate of cellular replications increases thus moving us closer to that final number.

This is why the common knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle results in a long life.

Let’s adapt that understanding to your care plan. What habits are you keeping that are causing your body to relapse on a daily basis? What habits do you have that break down the tissue we are trying to rebuild?

If sleep in the time our bodies rebuild all the tissue that had been damaged from the day we had. Are we breaking our bodies down faster than what your body can repair?

Food for thought.

Your Homework

This week I want you to abide by these simple strategies.

  1. Get a full 7-8hrs of good quality sleep. That means, going to bed earlier and winding down from the day you’ve had.
    1. Turn off your phone 1 hr before bed.
    2. Download a blue light filter on your phone and set it to turn on when the sun goes down.
    3. No caffeine after 3pm.
  2. Don’t sit for more than 45min
    1. A study showed that our spines accumulate inflammation and swelling the more inactive we are. Sitting more than 45min means you’ve got to do 1hr of exercise to bring your body back to baseline from the accumulated inflammation.
  3. Manage your work stress more effectively. Don’t take work home.
    1. Stress does more harm our bodies repair than we think. If you are prone to a stressful work environment with deadlines, pressure or just big decisions. Consider better managing your headspace so that you don’t take work home with you.

The more consistent you are with these strategies, the more consistent your results will be in the upcoming weeks.

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