What To Expect

Week 4 marks the point by which most people start feeling really good. Most of the initial symptoms you started with are almost if not gone. Your mobility is on the road to restoration and your energy levels are starting to improve.

Here you start noticing other changes such as increased energy, better sleep, improved digestion, recovery from colds/flus and increased sensation of balance in your body.

However, you could still be in the boat where your body is still repairing. It’s still well within normal expectations to be still feeling symptoms especially if your body has challenges stabilizing. Don’t lose hope, your around the corner from a breakthrough week. 

Why Do We Adjust You When You’re Not In Pain?

To chiropractors this makes sense. But to almost everyone else it probably doesn’t.

The reason why we continue to adjust you when the pain has resolved comes down 1 simple fact. Pain is deceiving.

Pain most of the time is a response to injury. Pain is also feedback to us that we need to stop what we are doing so our body can catch up with repairing the damage we’ve accumulated. However, pain is only 2.5% of our nervous system reacting to a problem. Sounds crazy that there would be such a small percentage of nerves dedicated to pain. But, if we consider that pain is feedback rather than a problem, then it makes sense why we can modulate pain in many ways. It also makes sense why our bodies can compensate for injury for many years until something twinges/pops/cracks from a simple movement like tying our shoelaces.

In many cases, when the pain decreases and goes away, is when our body starts to lay down more mature forms of tissue and starts to undergoes the process of remodelling.

It is also the time when we are at most risk of relapses. This is due to us going back to our normal habits and subjecting the area to increased amounts of physical stress that it’s not capable of withstanding just yet. Most of the time stopping here causes a slow decline back to the original problem.

So why are we adjusting when you are not in pain?

Put simply, it’s to ensure we can;

  1. Continue to speed up repair and remodelling phases
  2. Undo the problem that resulted in the injury in the first place.

In most people there are elements of new problems as well as old problems that plague our nervous systems. While many of the new problems/subluxation patterns may have been resolved in this recent episode of pain, there are still the old subluxation patterns that are yet to be addressed.

Chiropractic adjustments are so much more than just moving the joint so it heals faster. It actually increases your brain body awareness so that your body remains strong as well as the area of injury. Remember our goal is to restore the overall function of your nervous system not just patch the pain for now.

So, continue the course, the hard yards are behind us. We are nearly there.

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