What To Expect

Week 5 is a breakthrough week for most. If last week was still not great, this week you start to make a turn around.

Week 5 is more of a stabilizing week. We are approaching the shift from the subacute/repair phase to the remodelling phase. Here symptoms are far and few between. Even when they present, they are very mild and don’t last very long.
Here you may find a confidence to return back to gym or a return back to normal daily activities you used to do.

In this week, it’s prudent to understand the concept of neuroplasticity. This will serve well in understanding the changes your body and brain are making.

Neuroplasticity..What's That?!

When I ask people if they have heard of the term neuroplasticity, I’m met with differing answers. While few are correct many are on the somewhere in the ball park.
Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to learn something new.

Learning occurs from repetition. This is the reason why we can wake up in the morning half asleep, jump into the car and end up at work and we don’t know how we got there. To give you some trivia, our cerebellum is the part of the brain that’s involved in comparing actions executed for how well we did them. But it’s also heavily involved in learning.

So why is a chiropractor talking about neuroplasticity? Well chiropractic was never designed for pain relief. It was designed to allow the brain-body connection to remain at optimal function. Only until recently, through Dr Heidi Haarvik’s work, did we understand that chiropractic adjustments stimulates structures inside the spine but also in the brain. In fact the theory that a properly functioning nervous system results in a properly functioning body has never been more true than now thanks to recent discoveries through neuroscience.

With that being said, your care plan is designed to be much more than just getting you out of pain. In fact, there is a dual purpose here.
1. Help your body repair injury quickly and recover for the long term
2. Change the dysfunctional neurological pattern that caused the problem in the first place

So as we get to the part of your care plan where you are feeling good, remember this is the stage by which we are changing your nerve pattern and making the most important organ system in your body function properly and at it’s peak again.

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