What To Expect

Week 6 is the final week of our 6 week program! You’ve made it!

Here the expectation is that we have achieved a good portion of your short term goal if not achieved it already. Week 6 marks the early transition into Category 1 for some. For others, don’t stress the hardest work has been done. We just play the waiting game for the transition to happen in the next week or so.

Remember the last 5 weeks has been a preparation for the gains made this week. But also remember, you have to still do your part and keep putting into action that which you have learnt thus far.

Results are built by small steps of consistency. Just as you got here, you can also undo the work by repeating old destructive habits.

At the conclusion of this week, we will be doing your PROGRESS EXAMINATION.
At your progress examination we will repeat all the initial tests we did and grade them as we did at the start. We will compare your scores and identify where your biggest changes were. This also gives us the information we need to review your care plan.

Dr Andre's River Principle

On your first visit with us, we talked about how subluxations were nerve problems that developed inside the spinal cord that caused disconnect from the messages your body was sending to your brain. You can look at it like a messaging problem, where your brain was getting incomplete messages about what was really going on.
Today I want to expand on this using what I call my River Principle.

Put simply,
River = Messages that are sent through your spinal cord
Rocks = Subluxations that occur in the spine

The more rocks you have in the river, the more violent and turbulent the flow of water becomes. The more of this we have, the more the river breaks it’s banks.

Grab a tea or coffee and watch this video.

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