Welcome to our Equip Program!

Here you will find information on how to get the most out of your care plan. In this program, you will learn about how your body works, what it’s likely to be doing as we progress through your care plan and of course chiropractic.

We want you get not only get long term results with your care plan, but also learn about your body. That way you can continue to lock in the results you’ve gained and apply concepts you learn here to your long term health strategies.


As your initial phase of your care plan progresses, we want you to learn about what to expect in that week as well as learn about how to better help the changes we are making.

Your 6 week program will mirror a 6 week topical series.

Below is outlined the series.
Click below to view the topic of the week. You can click the link to take you directly to the page πŸ˜€

PRO TIP: You can follow each week as your care progresses. Or, you can skip ahead and view all the information to stay well informed on what to expect.

Program Outline

  • Week 1

    What Do Your Adjustments Do?
    Here we explore the science of chiropractic adjustments.

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  • Week 2

    Inflammation and Stretching
    Inflammation is constructive. Here we learn about why stretching is beneficial to your adjustments.

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  • Week 3

    Healing Habits
    The Law of Entropy and how your habits can combat it.

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  • Week 4

    Why Do We Adjust You When You’re Not In Pain?
    Pain is deceiving…

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  • Week 5

    Neuroplasticity.. What’s That?!
    Let’s change neurological function for the long term.

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  • Week 6

    Dr Andre’s River Principle
    Here Dr Andre explains what subluxation does to our bodies in the short and long term.

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