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At My Health Chiro you are the most important person. We treat, tailor and design a care program that is centered around you that is far beyond just chiropractic adjustments. We strive to provide the highest quality of assessment, diagnosis and care, in the most down to earth and easiest way to understand.

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Chiropractic Care

Looking for a Chiropractor in Melbourne CBD? Visit My Health Chiro in Nearby Maribyrnong

At My Health Chiro, you are the most important person. We treat, tailor and design a care program that is centred around you. Our treatment programs are far beyond just chiropractic adjustments. We strive to provide the highest quality of assessment, diagnosis and care, in the most down to earth way that’s easy to understand. If you’re looking for the best chiropractor in Melbourne, we’re a good place to start.

Where Can I Find a Chiropractor Free Consultation Near Me?

Many chiropractors now offer a free initial consultation to ensure there’s a good fit between client and chiropractor. We are proud to say we are able to offer this free initial consultation to our new clients. Some community-minded chiropractors offer sliding scale pricing for different income levels. If you’re looking for an affordable chiropractor in Melbourne, give us a call and enquire about our pricing.

How Our Spinal Clinic in Melbourne Can Help You

If you’re wondering what a chiropractor in Footscray could do for you, here’s a list of some of the benefits chiropractic care can provide:

   Alleviate pain naturally
   Improve function
   Maximize mobility
   Improve performance
   Support the body’s natural ability to heal itself

Chiropractic care is a natural therapy and a widely recognised form of complementary medicine. Our bodies are designed complexly and amazingly, and chiropractic helps to improve our body’s ability to heal and regulate itself.

What Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor?

Whether you visit a chiropractor in Essendon or a chiropractor in the Melbourne CBD, they’ll be able to treat common musculoskeletal issues such as:

Jaw Pain – A jaw pain chiropractor will get to work on the nervous system of the body, where a lot of tension is held around the jaw. A chiropractor knows how to tend to blockages in the system and remove them so energy can flow freely and the body can function normally again.
Scoliosis Chiropractor Treatment – Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that can cause back pain, amongst other symptoms. A chiropractor can help alleviate discomfort associated with this condition.
Sciatica Chiropractic – Sciatica affects the lower back and legs and can cause quite extreme pain. Spinal manipulations can help alleviate this pain.
Chiropractor for Headache Relief – Headaches can be experienced when there’s stress and tension in the body, which affects the nervous system. Chiropractic treatments can release stress and tension and their effect on the muscles and tissues.
Chiropractic Pregnancy Care – When a body needs to carry extra weight – as is the case with pregnancy – there’s the risk of back injury. Keep your back strong and healthy with chiropractic treatment. We can also provide post pregnancy chiropractic care as well.

An Accommodating Clinic

Looking for an Essendon chiropractic clinic? Our modern and inviting clinic is located in nearby Maribyrnong. Our staff are warm and friendly to all patients and clients. We’re also a disability friendly practice, with wheelchair access and suitable toilet facilities. We cater to many families in the Maribyrnong, Essendon, Footscray, Maidstone and Aberfeldie areas, which is why we have a space for your children to stay occupied while you’re getting treated.

How to Find Us

Our office is located at on the Ground Level at 84 La Scala Avenue, Maribyrnong. You’ll find us at the bottom of the apartment block, opposite the park. The easiest way to reach us is by driving down Gordon Street towards Highpoint Shopping Centre, then turning right onto Lyric St. You will see the apartment block where we’re located straight ahead. Alternatively, you can turn right at the Maribyrnong Aldi at Thomas Holmes Drive and take your first left onto La Scala Avenue.

Make an Appointment with Our Chiropractor in Maribyrnong Today

At My Health Chiro, our first priority is your health and wellness. For this reason, we offer a free initial consultation with one of our chiropractors to ensure it’s a good fit before we begin a course of treatment. We want you to feel at ease with our practitioners, as that is how we often get the best results for our clients. If you have any particular health concerns, please mention these issues in your complimentary session. To book your session with our chiropractor in Maribyrnong, call us on (03) 9317 8913.

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