A Virtual consult with a difference


We understand that life is changing and what we used to do has pivoted in a different direction. We are all having to modify our lifestyles to ensure we can work together to keep our community and country healthy.

We also understand that you are not bulletproof and we all get overwhelmed, worry, sit too long, move less and end up in positions and postures that cause pain and injury. Whilst we would love nothing more than to see someone to help, sometimes it’s not practical or either is it wise. We understand completely!

But you shouldn’t have to suffer at home. We can still help!

You may be asking how do does a chiropractor help virtually? Well..

FACT: Chiropractic adjustments isn’t the only strategy that can help you right now.
FACT: The way we treat extends so much further than chiropractic adjustments.

While you may be at home, you still may need our help.
We believe in providing you with the most detailed self care plan that’s specific to you. In world filled with information, it can overwhelming. You need someone who can filter through it all and provide you with the strategies that are the best for you right now. We sit down, work out what is causing your symptoms and customize a bespoke home care plan for you so you can manage the symptoms. This is an E-consult like no other.

The most exciting thing is that your E-consult is structured to explore more than the reason why you’re in pain. We will unpack everything from your habits, workstation set up, your activity routines as well as how well you are managing your head-space.

We’ll provide you with;

A bespoke strategy to manage your symptoms
Unpack your current workstation set up and provide with your ways to improve it
Give you a diet plan to follow including recipes
Step you through essential mindset management strategies
Teach you how to self assess your body’s function
Teach you how to self treat to get you out of pain


What Do I Need?

You’re using it right now. You just need your phone or your laptop. We simply arrange a time for us to chat virtually.
It’ll be helpful if you have;

  • Notepad
  • Picture of your workstation set up
  • Comfy clothes in the event our chiropractors need you to demonstrate a few movements

That’s it. Simple.
We’ll do the rest and send you a summary of your consult at the conclusion so you have a clear plan to follow.

What happens after that?

We believe in helping you till you reach your goal. Whatever that may be, we are determined to help you get there.

We will sit down and arrange our plan of action will be. We’ll explain:

Your projected recovery time frame and your self treatment strategy
Your individual tailored home exercise plan
We’ll provide you with recommendations of how to set up your workstation for now and in the future
The best diet plan to follow to help with tissue repair, stress and overall wellness
Mindset management strategies
Ongoing support with our team

We’ll check in with you and make sure you are equipped with all that you need in this time to continue getting great results. We don’t just leave you to your own devices without guidance. This gives us as opportunity to tweak your plan if need be. Or celebrate when you get to your goal!
We believe in helping you right now as well as into the future. The door is always left open ?

Ready to take action?

If we sound the right place to help you, take the next step and schedule your E-consult with us.

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